Mark King Carpentry

The Challenge

Mark is well known to go through a mobile phone, using it throughout his builds to deal with other trades and also taking pictures of his work. He used these pictures to provide examples to potential new customers when on visits. To stop Mark losing access to his photos after destroying his phone, a website was required to be able to easily show his work to new clients.

The Solution

Constructing a website which highlighted his previous work was key. For this project, Xplr Design used a timelapse camera to demostrate not only the final look of a job but the process in how a client would get there.

Along with this a gallery of before and after allowed the true scale of a project to come to life.

Mobile accounted for 85% of users in the first month

Mobile Friendly

The site is compatiable for users viewing on a mobile platform

Still room to Xplr

We continue to work with Mark to ensure his new projects are able to be displayed on the web using the timelapse camera to edit into videos as well as for the gallery.

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