Golden Spice

The Challenge

Golden Spice approached Xplr Design to update an exisiting website which was out of date and not easy to refresh. Built a number of years ago, the site was not mobile responsive – loading a desktop version onto a small mobile screen. The Take Away also wanted the ability to upload new menus without having to consultant an agency.

The Solution

A clean and simple solution that was also compatiable for the small screen. The website used the same colour scheme as the exisiting brand to link in with menus and other print material currently in circulation.

Built on WordPress, Golden Spice are also able to upload a new menu when required.

As part of the hosting package provided by Boin Web Services, Golden Spice also had access to email using the domain name – adding a professional touch when dealing with wholesalers and caterers.

Google Analytics was also intergrated to see when customers were searching the website and at what times of day.


Compatiable with Mobile

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Convenience is King

Optimised for Mobile

Customers no longer have to scroll around a website built for a Desktop. A huge improvement to the 91% of customers arriving to the site on a mobile.

In search of a menu

61% of customers went onto the dedicated menu page when arriving at the website.

Still room to Xplr

Since the launch in August 2017, the business has seen growth in orders being place through its affiliation with Hungry House. This was due to Just Eat displaying a link to the business homepage on Google. This has been a positive for Golden Spice as it meant they have been able to negotiate on commercials with both of the Take Away apps and have the option of controlling the online order process through the website.

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