You have probably arrived here as you are interested in finding out more about how to get your business or blog online without the jargon that comes with setting one up.

Xplr Design aims to do just this. We offer premium web design without the premium cost that puts you firmly in the driving seat with updating your page with the most relevant content to your business or blog.


Like storing a photo on your phone, your website needs to be stored somewhere. The term “Cloud” has been around for a number of years which refers to computers (and we are not talking of the PC’s you will find on your desktop) which are connected to the internet through very fast broadband connections. These computers need to be on 24/7 to ensure that your page is available whenever someone tries to access it.

So when Xplr Design helps you with your website, we will also help with storing your page so everyone can access it. Through Boin Web Services you will be able to access your website and any other data you store on it, including your email and website back ups.

Find out more on packages Boin Web Services offers on our Hosting page.

Domain Name

So you have storage sorted to host your page and now you need a way of people to find it.

This stage is about choosing the right name for people to find your website. A Domain Name is a unique address that people can access your website.

With Boin Web Services you can choose your hosting package and domain name. Infact, you can have multiple domain names going to one page such as a and .uk domain.

Web Design

Now you have your domain name and hosting in the bag, its time to get creative.

Xplr Design will work with you to come up with a website that works for you.

We Love WordPress

Infact we are sure you will love it too. All our clients sites are designed around this functional and highly flexible platform. As part of the setup of your site, we will show you how to up date your own website from a PC, Laptop or even Mobile.

Like what you see?

Then why not get in contact with a brief discription of what you are looking for so we can respond with a solution. 

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